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CASI is an exclusive dealer for Automated Logic in South and Central Florida.

Known in the industry for innovation and end-user focus, Automated Logic’s heritage continues today in the design and delivery of the most intuitive, user-friendly building management systems available.

With the 1985 introduction of SuperVision®, the standard was set for quality, convenience and ease of use in our industry that had not been addressed by other systems. Providing operational and comfort data at a glance, it’s powerful scheduling, setpoint and advanced control algorithms made energy optimization simple, and a comprehensive trend history function captured savings and aided diagnostics.

We revolutionized the industry with the introduction of EIKON® – if you know controls and systems, you know our programming. This uniquely powerful graphical programming tool eliminates line-by-line programming which is still used by many systems today. It elevates the standard for design, performance and reliability for the sequences you care about.

WebCTRL®, the most technically advanced building automation system on the market today, brings this power and user-friendly functionality to the user’s computer or cell phone Web browser, providing unprecedented control and ease of use.

Automated Logic continues to strive to provide quality, convenience and ease of use — effectively putting control back in the hands of the end user.

Energy Savings, ENERGY STAR® and LEED

Sustainable building operations are all about minimizing energy consumption while maximizing comfort. Our building automation system helps to manage energy use and take into account human comfort — by efficiently controlling heating, cooling, lighting and other building systems. Our Environmental Index™ and EnergyReports™ tools help you take all of the detailed building operating information you have and make it easy to use and analyze – allowing you to make smart decisions about your facilities.

Sure, other building automation systems offer energy-saving features with additional programming. Only Automated Logic builds these strategies into our system as a standard, minimizing your initial investment, maximizing energy savings and return on investment. Building automation systems need to operate simply and effectively, balancing energy conservation with workplace comfort.

Engineered and constructed for long life and extreme efficiency, Automated Logic systems can play a key role in achieving ENERGY STAR® and LEED certification. But we’re not just jumping on the ‘going green’ bandwagon; ALC has been a leader in green building control and energy-saving solutions for more than 30 years. We can help you too!

Open Advantages

We believe in open, non-proprietary systems and open standards because they’re efficient, flexible and cost effective. Open architecture allows us to easily integrate and customize your system using a combination of innovative components. This open approach provides unique, scalable solutions for both remote, web-based operations and multi-system control from single workstations.

Our native-BACnet® open architecture is compatible with your existing IT infrastructure and provides superior flexibility, security and performance to address any size application from a single building site to multi-building campuses in multiple locations.

As an early adopter of BACnet, we helped establish the BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL) to ensure compliance with ASHRAE® standards for interoperability. And as a charter member of the BACnet Manufacturers Association (BMA), we continue to work with ASHRAE to keep BACnet at the forefront of technology.